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Peter and Mary Ann Hart present a refreshing mix of scientific facts with the visual action and excitement of puppetry to lead young audiences into exploration of the vast topic of weather. A great introduction for younger grades and it also motivates older grades' interest. 

The performance demonstrates how weather is more than something that happens in the sky that can only be explained with dry scientific facts, measuring instruments, and charts.

Weather influences how we speak, what we wear, the stories we tell, and how animals behave.

The program includes a Study Guide that features web site links, lesson plans, and information that enhance Georgia QCC standards. The Study Guide is provided as an essential tool for teachers to use as a tie-in to Language Arts, Cultural/Social Studies, and Earth Science studies. The program, as a whole, is relevant to Fine Arts/Theatre Arts.

Perfect for Earth Science months or any time of year that the study of weather is part of the curriculum.

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The performance begins with action scenes of animals as they portray "weather exaggerations" -  descriptions of weather conditions commonly used in everyday conversation.(Language Arts)

The topic of "Weather Lore" is introduced and explored with fun scenes of animals engaged in curious behavior. Cats, birds, spiders, squirrels, and flies depict sayings that have been used through the years to forecast weather changes. Scientific explanations of air pressure, humidity, and more give reason to why animals and insects behave as they do.(Language Arts/Earth Science)


An American Indian myth lends a multi-cultural look at the weather in the legend of "The Storm Bird".(Cultural/Social Studies)

The subject of wind and its effects is then explored in a scientific manner using the Beaufort Wind Scale. It's a highly visual depiction that literally "brings down the house"! (Earth Science)

Audience participation is featured in a segment that explores the subject of lightning. (Earth Science)

The performance concludes with a review of instructional  notes on what to do in severe weather conditions and how to protect one's self in situations of extreme heat and cold.


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Technical Information
Performance area requirements in diagram fashion. You provide the space, we bring everything else!

Program Length: Adjustable from 20 min to full hour

Grade Level : K - 5 or General Audience

A Study Guide comes with the program offering links to lesson plans, simple craft projects,  and classroom exercises that incorporate language arts skills into the study of weather as a topic.
Because the performance is presented in a variety format with weather as a theme, teachers can discuss the production with their class after the performance and find out what topics in the show were of the most interest or appeal. The Study Guide information can then be used as a follow-up to the selected topics for further exploration or as a springboard to lead into other areas of school curriculum.

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